With the utter deluge of political news happening every day, you might find yourself using the phrase WTF often enough. Now Alexa has a skill for that. Enterprising developer Jonathan Howard has put together Alexa, WTF just happened?“, a skill that aggregates the feed from a popular newsletter.

What The Fuck Just Happened Today? as created by Matt Kiser, is a newsletter which logs the daily shock and awe in U.S. national politics. Don’t have time to read all the day’s political news? Get smarter faster with WTF Just Happened Today. The news you need to know, from the only aggregator that matters. Just ask, “Alexa, WTF just happened?” Enable this skill and invoke it using “Alexa, W.T.F. Just Happened?”“Alexa, ask W.T.F. Just Happened Today”, or “Alexa, open W.T.F. Just Happened.” (Rated mature).