At their coveted October 4th  event, Google announced it’s Amazon Echo competitor. Aptly named Google Home, the device which includes a customizable base allows users to enjoy music, manage smart home devices and get answers to everyday questions. In direct competition to Amazon Echo, users’ can also listen to podcasts, news broadcasts, and other forms of audio by stating “Ok Google,” and naming the audio they’re looking for. The Google Assistant does this using something called the Google knowledge graph, which knows over 70 billion facts.

Google Home can also help users manage their tasks. A feature called “My Day,” with the users’ permission, will create a summary of important notes about the day to come such as weather, time and traffic.

Google Assistant can also help users with other household duties, such as making a shopping list. Users’ need only to dictate the shopping list to their Google Home Device, and through Google Assistant they can then access the list on their phone.

Similar to Amazon’s Echo product line, Google Home out of the gate will partner with home integration products like SmartThings, Philips and IFTTT. In building on Google’s ecosystem, Home will additionally include support for Nest, Chromecast and Chromecast Audio to synchronize audio and visual experiences.

Key for Canada during Google’s event was the announcement of a 2017 Canada Google Home release date. Although fairly broad stroke as an announcement (no mention of early, mid or late year 2017) it was at-the-least a step beyond what the Canadian market to date has heard from mothership Amazon.