Falcon’s or Patriot’s? Alexa has you covered on Super Bowl weekend. Amazon has quietly ramped up Alexa’s Super Bowl knowledge in advance of this Sundays big event. Although Echo has STILL NOT BEEN RELEASED IN CANADA, here are a few fun ways you can use your Echo to get into the Super Bowl groove.

Ask Alexa who won Super Bowl 50, 49, 21…?

Alexa knows her Super Bowl trivia and she is sure to help during those half time debates.

Ask Alexa who will win Super Bowl 51?

Turns out, your Echo device is a little more than biased. Go ahead and ask: “Alexa, who’s going to win the Super Bowl?”

Super Bowl Mix

If Spotify is setup as your default music service ask Alexa “Play playlist Super Bowl Mix” and you’ll be dancing with your favourite Super Bowl tunes from Spotify including a few from Canadian artists.

Super Bowl Skills!

Add the Skill Super Bowl Fan Quiz. A short quiz about the Super Bowl Winners. It’s tougher than you might think! Questions can be from anytime in the history of the Super Bowl. It’s multiple choice, but the answers are tricky. The loser is also included in one of the answers! “Alexa, begin Super Bowl Fan Quiz”

Don’t forget to catch the new Amazon Echo commercial (sure to be posted on YouTube for us Canadian’s who can’t see the US ads).