Just over a month ago Amazon flipped the switched on a function that probably should have been part of Amazon Echo since day one. Like the Echo Dot, you can now pair the Echo to any Bluetooth speaker of your choice, which not only means you can get better sound, but you can also project music from anywhere in a room to anywhere else in your home.

Pairing your Echo to a Bluetooth speaker is pretty easy to do. First put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode. Then, open up the Alexa app > Settings > tap your Echo device name > Bluetooth > Pair a New Device. Once your Bluetooth speaker shows up within the app, tap it to connect and wait for Alexa to confirm the pairing is successful.

And there you go! Amazon recommends placing the Bluetooth speaker at least 3 feet away from the Echo so that there’s no interference. “When the Echo device is close to external speakers, it may be more difficult for Alexa to hear the wake word and other requests,” Amazon says on its support page.
This is obviously welcome news for all owners of Amazon Echo. Another feature we’d like to see is the ability to project / stream music from any Echo device to other Echo devices in your home. Here’s hoping.