It’s been quite a week at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a multitude of tech and toy vendors sporting Alexa-enabled devices. While still not officially available in Canada, here are a few of the Alexa embedded (no Echo required) gadgets announced this week.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant

Looks kinda like Amazon Echo but with a Google Home styled coloured cloth option. One advantage of this device will most certainly be the Harmon Kardon sound edition. Microsoft also teased a upcoming Echo-like Cortana powered device complete with Harmon Kardon sound back in December.

Bluemint Labs’ Bixi

Available later in the year, this hockey puck-sized odd little device lets you add gesture control to smartphones and smart home gadgets. Fashioned with an E Ink display for showing temperature, time and notifications Bixi also integrates Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

GE’s unnamed LED lamp

Because everyone needs an Alexa-enabled lamp. GE has basically built an LED ring shaped lamp on top of an Echo Dot-like base. It’s suppose to ship in the middle of this year and is worth checking out.

Mattel’s Aristotle

Imagine a world where an Alexa-enabled device acts as nanny for your children. Aristotle is not that, but it’s close. Mattel’s offering is a $300 USD smart speaker that looks and functions just like Amazon’s Echo albeit with a bit of a split personality. The first is an Alexa-like female assistant who claims to be descended from the Greek philosopher (Aristotle), and will read bedtime stories to children, play games and answer questions. The second personality is Amazon’s Alexa, which adults can use to operate the device as well as shop for baby products like diapers and formula. Aristotle, which comes bundled with an internet-connected camera so it can function as a baby monitor is scheduled to arrive in US stores this June.

Even though none of these devices have been announced for release in Canada, they bring new hope that the Echo platform, Alexa and these Alexa-enabled gadgets may cross the 49th before year’s end.