UPDATE: Canadian fans rejoice as Amazon Echo officially announced in Canada. Shipping Dec 5th, 2017! amazon.ca/echo

Looking to make an early dent on your Christmas shopping list? Despite the Amazon Echo platform not being officially announced for sale in Canada, there are a number of ways to buy and put a device under your Christmas tree this season.

Still the simplest way to buy the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot is on your next trip to the U.S. You can easily find it being sold at stores like Office Depot, The Home Depot and Best Buy in most cities across the country. If you have a friend that lives in the U.S. you should definitely call them up. They can buy it for you and ship it (probably the easiest, least painful way for you to get an Amazon Echo).

If you aren’t planning a trip south anytime soon, or your have no friends, your next best bet is eBay. Even on ebay.ca (the Canadian store) there are a few Echo devices available on auction or for immediate sale across Canada. Kijiji also has a few units listed in Toronto and most of our major cities.

B&H photo is still a great optionĀ (about $230 CAD) plus the cost of shipping.

Pale Blue Living is taking pre-orders for the 2nd gen Echo Dot ($155.94 CAD and includes shipping).

Finally, if you own an Echo in Canada, it may be possible (albeit complicated) to order a new Echo Dot. You’ll need a VPN that gives you a US IP address, a US Amazon account, a US shipping address and potentially a US credit card. Getting the Dot into Canada gets even more complicated with the onward shipping, potential brokerage fees and sales tax.