It’s happening? Canadian street addresses now work with Echo

Amazon has quietly made an update that has some Canadians freaking out, eh. As of Monday August 14th, the Alexa app and the webapp ( have started accepting Canadian addresses for Echo setting device locations.

“Tonight around 11pm I decided I would try to add my Canadian address, as I tend to do from time to time, and shockingly, it accepted it!” wrote the original poster asutt on a reddit thread. “It was added normally through the app. I can confirm that weather and local information are functional.”

Although Amazon has quietly updated Echo for our Canadian audience there are some shortcomings.  For example, when entering your location the Alexa app sets the wrong time zone. Shopping also doesn’t seem to work (yet).

To set your Canadian home address follow these steps:

  1. Using the Alexa app or the webapp ( open the slide out menu (top-left) and choose Settings (the last choice).
  2. Under devices, open the Echo device that you want to set a location for.
  3. Under the section called Device location add your home street address.
  4. You can pretty much just hit Save at this point and Alexa will respond with some suggested addresses closest to your IP address proximity.

Although there is still no word yet on the official release of the Echo platform in Canada this new addition might suggest we are getting close.

Update: Some are reporting that this apparent ‘loop-hole’ now seems to be closed. 

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  1. I changed the settings and it works great. Now all I care about is getting the drop in feature to work

    • Drop in is working for me… you need to set it up on a phone first for it to work.

  2. Peter Tattersall

    The iPad version dated August 10 – appears to be the latest version on the US App Store – does not accept a Canadian address. Maybe after the next update?

  3. It is exciting even more news as Prime Music is now also working in Canada. I have updated all my addresses to my Canadian one and other than having to update to daylight time all is working well including Traffic! Thanks goodness we are finally getting close…. FYI I got two Echo Shows…. wonderful adds to the home setup.

    • Cancel the Prime music…. my wife added prime to our US account… now I understand why it is working 🙂

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