A recent Reddit post seems to indicate it is. Redditor emilediab posted a link to an online chat they had with Sankar, an Amazon customer service rep. In the chat window emiledliab asks Sankar “Is amazon echo ever going to become available in Canada”. Sankar replies, “We don’t know the exact date but we expect it within this year”.

Seems legit, so should we start the celebrations? Not so fast, as other Reddit users have pointed out. First, online customer service reps are often compensated on metrics that would incent them to quickly provide as much information as possible (not always necessarily the correct information). Second and probably most important, it’s unlikely that Amazon would let it drop that they were bringing the Echo to Canada through a customer service rep. It may come this year, but there is no way a rep would know unless it was very close to the launch. Canadian’s will continue to have to be patient. Stay tuned.