Amazon Echo isn’t just Alexa, it’s also a great home speaker and being Bluetooth enabled you can use it to stream music from your Android phone.

First, ensure your Amazon Echo is set up, connected to the internet and working properly, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Tell Alexa to go into pair mode by saying: “Alexa, pair”. Alexa will respond with (Ready to pair. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and choose… the name of your Echo).
  2. Open Settings on your Android phone and go to the Bluetooth sub menu (under Wireless & Networks).
  3. Under the Available devices section you should now see the name of you Echo device listed. Touch to choose it.
  4. Once connected, your Echo will make some unique sound and Alexa will say (Now connected to… the name of your Android phone). On your phone your Echo should now show as connected under the Paired Devices section.

Now you can stream Google Play Music, Pandora or any other music service to your Amazon Echo. Repeat above 4 steps to pair your other Echo devices.