The Amazon Skills store has been surprisingly active with Canadian content considering the Echo platform has yet to be introduced officially in Canada.

From transit information to trivia to flash briefing Canadian-centric news content, it’s certain that developers are attempting to create an early mark in anticipation of an Amazon announcement. Enter Hey, Toronto a skill by developer David Janes.

“Alexa ask Hey Toronto where are parks near the CN Tower”

Hey, Toronto uses an open source data collection to provide information about locations in T.O. ¬†You can ask “Hey Toronto” something and it will display on a paired web page ( acting as a Kiosk. For example, ask Hey Toronto where are swimming pools and Alexa will respond with a list of locations on This comes in extra handy if you are just heading out the door because you can consult the web page on your mobile phone for the list to plot your trip.

Other things you can ask Hey Toronto…

where are Parks
where are Parks near Yonge and Eglinton
where are Parks near CN Tower
where are Skating Rinks
where are Malls
where are Swimming Pools
where are Parking Lots
where are Parking Garages near me
where are Parking Garages nearby
where is the CN Tower
where is the Eaton Centre

In order to use this skill you must create an account on Hey Toronto and let Alexa link the account.

Learn more about this skill here: Hey, Toronto.