Amazon Alexa appAlthough you can setup and control your Amazon Echo device from a computer browser on your local network, the App gives a more enriched experience.


Installing the Echo Alexa App on Android in Canada

Amazon has not yet offered the app for download on the Canadian Play Store but you can download it directly (referred to as ‘sideload it’) as an APK file. These are hosted around the web and easily found by googling “Amazon Alexa APK” on your android device. Once you’ve given your device permission to download from “Unknown Sources” you can open up that APK file for it to automatically install. Beware, there is always a risk to downloading apps outside of the Play Store so only do this if you are pretty comfortable with the process and trust the site that you’re downloading from.

Installing the Echo Alexa app on iOS in Canada

On your iPhone or iPod device you have two options:┬áset up a US iTunes account using a fake US address and credit card, or; borrow an American friend’s user credentials to download the app.

Neither of these techniques are simple so if you are technology adverse you may want to stick to the browser based set up through your computer (