This week Ford revealed at CES that it will begin rolling out it’s new Alexa integration (US only) later this month. Owners of Sync 3 equipped Fords will be able to control their cars remotely by speaking with their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap devices.

Ford is offering up Alexa support in two phases, with a ton of new features expected throughout this year. This first stage will enable drivers to remotely turn the car engine on and off, check fuel levels as well as lock and unlock the doors. In a second phase, Ford owners will be able to ask Alexa to find destinations, play music and read audiobooks, check news, place orders and control smart home appliances straight from the vehicle.

To connect Alexa to the internet, Ford is implementing a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability on select Sync 3-equipped models. The LTE hotspot will support up to 10 devices at a time. No news on when (or if) this will be offered in the Canadian market.