No, Amazon Echo has not been officially launched in Canada. However, that hasn’t stopped Canadian developers from quietly adding Canuck-centric Alexa skills. Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo, provides capabilities, or skills (apps), that enable users to interact with the Echo platform in a more intuitive way using voice.

Sens Trivia

This is the unofficial Ottawa Senators hockey team trivia game.

Request the game and you will be presented with 5 random questions to test your Ottawa Senators team trivia knowledge. Play with friends to see who the real Sens fan is. Sens Trivia is not sponsored or endorsed by NHL.

Invocation Name

sens trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Sens Trivia
Alexa, Start Sens Trivia
Alexa, Launch Sens Trivia

Toronto library unofficial

Unofficially search Toronto Public Library for titles and their availability

This skill is for searching the Toronto Public Library references, so it is easier for you to know if the title is currently available. Skill is in development and if requested, we would enhance it to be able to do more, like place holds, brief about your holds, list libraries events near you, etc. This skill is not sponsored by Toronto Public Library, and uses the available public open data API.
Invocation Name

toronto library fan

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Toronto library fan for Harry Potter
Alexa, ask Toronto library fan to look up BFG by Roald Dahl
Alexa, ask Toronto library fan for books by Orson Scott Card

Finally, developer SnoCountry has released an avalanche of skills reporting on Canadian Ski Hill Conditions. Add your favourite Ski Hill to get local snow reports.

A refresher on how to add Skills

To enable a skill in the Alexa app:

  1. From the left navigation panel, select Skills.
  2. Use the search bar to enter keywords or select Categories to browse through skill categories.
  3. When you see a skill you want to use, select Enable Skill.

To enable skills from the Alexa Skills store on the website, go to

After you enable a skill, you can ask Alexa to open and use it. For example, say, “Open [skill name].” There may be different or additional instructions for using the skill. You can refer to the skill’s detail page to learn more, or say, “[Skill name] help.” When you no longer want to use a skill say, “Disable [skill name] skill,” or select Disable in the Alexa app.