You want the short answer?


Now, the longer answer? When you finally bring home your Amazon Echo and start it for the first time you’ll inevitably discover a few minor limitations (albeit non-crippling).


Amazon Echo is not officially available in Canada and it won’t let you set up a Canadian postal code as your home address. You can get around this limitation by selecting a zip code from your closest US border town. For us in Canada unfortunately, it means we cannot ask questions such as “Alexa, how’s the traffic?” (like Alec Baldwin did in the popular Ping Pong commercial).

Prime Music.

Prime Music, Amazon’s music subscription service is not available in Canada. When you ask Alexa to play your favourite song, she tells you that she can only play a sample. There are a few other music subscription services available for Echo such as Pandora (also not available in Canada) and Spotify. Fortunately, Spotify Premium is available in Canada. If you subscribe to Spotify, when you request a song, genre or playlist you can say something like “Alexa, play Big Little Lions on Spotify“.


Similar to the point about traffic, you can’t ask Alexa for your local weather. As a workaround, if you happen to live in a reasonably populated Canadian city you can ask weather questions like “Alexa, what is the weather in Toronto?“.