Amazon Echo for sale in Canada, Officially

Today, after almost two years the Amazon Echo platform was OFFICIALLY launched in Canada. Happy Black Friday, Merry Christmas, etc. According to the devices begin shipping on December 5th with an introductory price.

The Echo Dot will intro at $49.99, Echo at $99.99 and Echo Plus at $169.99 respectively for Canadian prime customers. These are introductory prices for a limited time so if you’re planning to buy… buy soon. Interestingly, the Alexa voice service will be available in English only at launch (French language not supported) something which Google’s Home devices sported out-of-the-gate with their Canadian introduction. In a parallel announcement, Amazon Prime Music is now available in Canada.

Prime members can use Alexa to stream more than one million songs with on-demand and unlimited ad-free listening at no additional cost.

Canadian Echo fans have waited a long time for this news as a small industry of drop shippers have sprouted to support the Echo platform demand in Canada. They’ll likely turn their attention toward other devices like the Apple HomePod. You can pre-order your Echo device on now while Canadian supplies last.

Pricing and Availability

Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot are available for pre-order starting today at and will begin shipping December 5. Echo devices will also be available at Best Buy, The Source, Staples, TELUS, Bell, Bed Bath & Beyond, and TSC: The Shopping Channel.

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  1. Amélie Paquet

    On amazon, it says that echo does not support french language yet in Canada. When will this option be available?

    Thank you!

  2. Nick Waterton

    Just found out my Dots accepted my Canadian address last night. However all my skills stoped working (which is why I was checking the address). Message is “your device language settings do not match your amazon account, Skills are disabled”. Only way to get them back was to switch my Kindle Content to the US store (Not my Canadian amazon account, not the Country, my Kindle content setting).
    This is probably because my language is set for English(US).
    What happens if you select English(Canadian) ? Do all the skills disappear? This is what happens if you select English(UK), and Englush(Canadian) is not an option to add to a a Skill (I have developed my own a Skills).
    Not sure Amazon has this language stuff all figured out yet.

  3. Nick Waterton

    Update, I just checked in Skills development, and English(Canadian) is there. So I was just a bit early.
    Hopefully all the US skills don’t disappear when you select the Canadian voice!
    Just need to port my skills over to Canadian language, and we should be good to go.

  4. The echo isn’t allowing a Canadian English language set up yet as of today. Is this just a bug since the Canadian app was just launched today?

    • I’m getting a message ‘unable to configure device language, error 15:1:26:0:2

      When I start the setup I get a thing that says the English Canada is not available and that the device will set up in US English first, then do an update in 24 hrs….but my device does not even allow setting up in US English and that is when I get the device error message listed above. Please advise

  5. No mention of the echo show or the Alexa app availability in Canada…

    • Hello gina, The Alexa app appears to be available on the Canadian Google Play and Apple App Stores.

  6. Nick Waterton

    Ok, all the US skills do disappear.
    Some have English(Canadian) added to them, and only those that do will show in the list.
    Still it’s early days, hopefully more and more of the US skills will get updated to support us Canadians soon.

    On a different note – the “Canadian accent” Alexa sounds terrible! She now sounds like a robot with a cold. Is this what Americans think a Canadian accent sounds like?

    The US Alexa sounds much better. She now sounds almost as bad as Google Home.

    Amazon, let us choose what Alexa sounds like, stop forcing your idea of what a “regional accent” sounds like on us!

  7. Alex Weber

    Can someone help explain the steps to switch my default store to Canada? My addresses on my echo devices are all Canadian however when asking Alexa to order, she places the goods in my american shopping basket

  8. Well, it’s coming along. Addresses, time zones, weather… Lots of flash briefings from Canada now. And don’t have to side-load the app!
    Doesn’t yet seem to have Alexa to Alexa calling in Canada – would be useful for me because my mother has a Dot.

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