With Flash Briefing, Alexa delivers pre-recorded updates from popular broadcasters such as the US public broadcaster NPR, BBC News, the Economist, headlines from The Associated Press and weather information from AccuWeather. Canada now has an option we can call our own, thanks to a third party developer, the CBC Hourly News (unofficial) is now available as a selection.

CBC News: Hourly Edition – UNOFFICIAL

Source: CBC News: Hourly Edition – Podcast (appears to be sourced from this podcast).

Skill Details: Flash Briefing Skill

Flash Briefings can be invoked by using the phrase “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” or “Alexa, what’s in the news?”. You can navigate your Flash Briefings
by using “Next.” “Previous.” “Cancel.”

To add this Skill to your Flash Briefing: In your Alexa app or on  alexa.amazon.com go to Settings. Under the Account section choose the Flash Briefing sub menu. Next, choose Get More Flash Briefing Content. Now search for the keyword CBC. Finally, choose Enable Skill.

Update: This Skill is now officially managed by CBC.