When is Amazon Echo coming to Canada? If you live here and have heard about Echo and Alexa, this is probably the first question you’ll ever ask. The Amazon Echo has garnered critical acclaim south of the border, but is frustratingly not available here in Canada.

Does Amazon Echo Work in Canada?

Although we don’t have an Amazon Echo Canada release date, it is absolutely possible to get one and use it here in the True North. And yes, with a few exceptions, Echo works perfectly in Canada.

1. Buy it while visiting the US.

There are a number of retail outlets that carry the Amazon Echo. Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Toys R Us, amongst others stock Echo as well as other Amazon products. Here, Amazon has a complete list of retailers in the US.

2. Have a US friend buy and courier to you.

Same as above but you need not set foot in the US. Be aware of import taxes.

3. Select retailers that ship to Canada.

B&H have free shipping to Canada. They can get you an Amazon Echo within a couple of days for approximately $280 CDN. Pale Blue Living offer a similar retail service for $338 CDN.

Look for a future post about how to use your new Amazon Echo in Canada.

Update: See More Ways to Buy an Amazon Echo in Canada